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Hi there, thanks again for signing up for the seller lead pages!

Fist we will build your lead pages. The pages will be custom built for you using a proven design. This will take a little time but it's well worth it. Don't worry, your trial will not start before the pages are finished.

You will get a 3-step landing page: page 1 will capture the lead's street address ; page 2 will capture the contact info ; page 3 is a 'Thank You' Page that we will use to make a first impression to your lead.

Here are sample pages so you know what we are talking about:


If you have a Welcome Video Message that works even better. Let us know so we can integrate it on the page.

Overview: What we need to setup your account

  • ​Preferred Subdomain
  • Headshot
  • Logo
  • About me introduction text
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Link to your Privacy Policy
  • Link to your Website
  • Email Address for Lead Notification
  • CloudCMA API
  • Street Address in your area for testing
  • Facebook Ad Account ID
  • Ad targeting preferences

1. Preferred Subdomain

Your landingpages will be published on our domain This will be used as vanity url in the ads. Please provide us with the subdomain name of your choice: or /yourname or /yourneighborhood ....​

Keep in mind that the leads will see the domain name in the ads and in their browsers. This is another way to brand yourself even before they click your ad.​

2. Social Proof Section

Provide a good headshot on transparent background if possible. Your picture will be shown in the social proof section of the opt-in page, as well as in the introduction section of the thank you page. This will serve as the first impression on your lead and it will increase your contact rate later in the conversion process. The idea is to start indoctrinating the leads as early as possible and make them understand that there is a real person behind the report and not just a zestimate robot.

Also, provide a logo if you feel it will benefit your branding​

Please provide a short bio or introduction for the thank you page.

social proof section
introduction section

3. Footer Section

In order to run ads to your landing page on any of the major advertising platforms, we need following info to be compliant:

  1. Full mailing address
  2. Privacy policy/ terms of use
  3. Link to your personal website
footer section

If you do not have a privacy policy you are free to use ours as long as you understand we are not lawyers and that you are completely responsible for being compliant with your local laws. Here's the policy: sample privacy policy

4. Lead Notification

Please provide a good email address for us to send the leads!

We can integrate with many crm-s through Zapier. If you are interested in getting this setup, please let me know.

NEW: we just got approved by FollowUp Boss as integration partners!​

5. CloudCMA

Our tool can send out an automated CMA to the lead through CloudCMA. If you want to take advantage of this feature, please provide your CloudCMA API. Please also provide a valid street address in your area to allow us to test the CloudCMA integration!

6. Facebook Ad Account

In order to setup your ads in Facebook, you will need to grant us access to your Facebook Ad Manager account. We will request access at the advertiser level. This will allow us to manage your ads and monitor performance. It will not give us access to your billing or budget settings

We will also need the name Facebook Business Page on which the ads should run. In our experience we see a lot of new likes on that page as an additional benefit. Not only do we see a lot of likes, we also see the occasional comment. Please make sure to interact with those people as well.

Personal Facebook Ad Account Users:

Please log into your account using this link: Facebook Login

1. Please provide us your Account ID

2. Please fill out your Account Name with your personal name so we can recognize it later on

3. Please follow the steps to setup your payment method or we will not be able to run any ads.

You will have to grant us permission to manage your ads on your behalf. This request will show up in your Facebook Notifications. Please keep an eye out for that. Depending on your settings in Facebook, you will also be notified by email.

***IMPORTANT*** you will need to log into your Facebook account using a Laptop or Desktop Browser. As far as we can tell, the notification does not show up in the Facebook App on Ipads.

Facebook Business Manager Users

Please provide us the Ad Account ID

7. Facebook Business Page

In order to run ads on Facebook you need a business page. We also need permission use your page for advertising purposes.

Please provide us the Facebook Page name or Url.​

8. Ad Targeting

Please provide us with a description of your preferred, ideal audience.

  • ​Geographical Targeting: zip codes, cities, neighborhoods, ...
  • Demographical Targeting: value of the home, length of residence, net worth, ...

While the targeting possibilities are almost limitless on Facebook, please keep in mind that being more specific in targeting will not always yield better results. On the contrary being too specific can cause your ads not to show up or it can drive up the cost per click. We will provide you with an optimized ad as closely targeted to your preferences as possible.

Questions? Please email or call!