PRO Plan App Setup

Overview: What we need to setup your account

  • ​Preferred Subdomain
  • Headshot
  • Logo
  • About me introduction text
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Link to your Privacy Policy
  • Link to your Website
  • Seller Guide in PDF or Youtube / Vimeo Embed Code
  • Email Address for Lead Notification
  • CloudCMA API
  • Street Address in your area for testing

1. Preferred Subdomain

Your landingpages will be published on our domain This will be used as vanity url in the ads. Please provide us with the subdomain name of your choice: or /yourname or /yourneighborhood ....​

Keep in mind that the leads will see the domain name in the ads and in their browsers. This is another way to brand yourself even before they click your ad.​

2. Social Proof Section

Provide a good headshot on transparent background if possible. Your picture will be shown in the social proof section of the opt-in page, as well as in the introduction section of the thank you page. This will serve as the first impression on your lead and it will increase your contact rate later in the conversion process. The idea is to start indoctrinating the leads as early as possible and make them understand that there is a real person behind the report and not just a zestimate robot.

Also, provide a logo if you feel it will benefit your branding​

Please provide a short bio or introduction for the thank you page.

3. Footer Section

In order to run ads to your landing page on any of the major advertising platforms, we need following info to be compliant:

  1. Full mailing address (can be your office address)
  2. Privacy policy/ terms of use
  3. Link to your personal website

If you do not have a privacy policy you are free to use ours as long as you understand we are not lawyers and that you are completely responsible for being compliant with your local laws. Here's the policy: sample privacy policy

By selecting this option you agree that you understand that privacy policy and disclaimer templates act as guidelines and do not constitute legal pages. You agree that is your responsibility to compile the content for the pages and ensure that they are compliant with legal requirements in your jurisdiction.

4. Seller Guide / Video

The PRO plan comes with a third landing page which main purpose is to introduce yourself to the lead and to start building trust. It is also a great opportunity to brand yourself. You have two choices here: you can either offer a guide or report for free download or you can use a welcome video...

Seller Guide

Please provide a Seller Guide in pdf. On the thank you page the lead is presented with the opportunity to download a seller guide, When the lead downloads the guide it qualifies the lead as motivated and it's another opportunity for you to brand yourself and provide value.

If you currently don't have a Seller Guide I would strongly recommend making one since in our experience, 40% of the leads actually download the guide. I have used the service from Keeping Current Matters for my guides. This is a quick and easy way to get started:

KCM eguides

Welcome Video

Please provide the embed code from either YouTube or Vimeo. 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Vimeo Video

Vimeo Video

5. Lead Notification

Please provide a good email address for us to send the leads!

We can integrate with many crm-s through Zapier. If you are interested in getting this setup, please let me know

6. CloudCMA

Our tool can send out an automated CMA to the lead through CloudCMA. If you want to take advantage of this feature, please provide your CloudCMA API. Please also provide a valid street address in your area to allow us to test the CloudCMA integration!