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Start Growing Your Listing Inventory Today

Our proven real estate lead generation system enables realtors to fill their listing pipeline fast!

"We not only generate home seller leads at a very high rate, we also make sure you will be able to engage those leads and turn them into customers."

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What our happy customers are saying

"when I found Strategic Robot online I was skeptic about Facebook leads generating systems. Many of the systems I've tried fail. But not this one. I had to stop running ads because I couldn't handle the flow of leads into my inbox. till this day the ad is on hold (about a month) trying to catch up on all these leads. I think that Strategic Robot's system is the best there is out there."

Joe Kapon, Real Estate Specialist at RE/MAX Properties Select.

This is for you if...

you are serious about growing your listing inventory. You would like to find home owners in your area who are thinking about selling and be the first realtor they contact.

  • you run a geographical farm and would like to find out who the motivated real estate leads are in your area and add their emails and phone numbers to your database so you can cut your marketing cost.
  • you're looking to start a "demographical" farm of home owners who have raised their hand and shown interest in real estate. Farming on steroids!
  • you would like to offer a valuable service to your past customers and sphere by keeping them up to date with the value of their home.
  • you would like to generate home seller leads from your website, your Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or any other online platform.
  • you're looking to generate more real estate seller leads from just listed / just sold cards, at open houses or from your yard sign and brochure boxes

Conversion Power House! Our System comes packed with features and add-ons!

You're not buying a template DIY website: our landing pages follow the latest best practices in lead generation and conversion. 


Integrates with CloudCMA to send out a report to your real estate leads on auto pilot.

Chat Box Add-On

Integrate a chat box on your landing pages to interact with your webpage visitors. Chat leads are one of the best leads.

Retargeting & Analytics

Insert script on your page to retarget visitors on social media and with banner ads. Insert analytics scripts to track performance.

UTM Parameters

Pre-Fill your forms when you send them to your database and use UTM parameters to track your best performing lead source


Integrates with many CRMs and email marketing tools like FUBoss, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Activecampaign, ....


Get notified immediately when a lead gets captured on your page. Engage seller leads while they are still on the page or use an autoresponder.

Welcome Page

A welcome page is your chance to make a great first impression. Start building trust and rapport from the first moment to increase lead conversion.

Hosting Included

Hosting on our domain included. Option to integrate our page on your Wordpress site.

Social Proof

Social proof on the landing pages increases opt-in rates and starts building rapport from the very first second.

Start Growing Your Listing Inventory now!

Sign up today and you will be filling your listing pipeline in no time.

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Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 14 DAYS!

How it Works...

    1. SETUP YOUR ACCOUNT : after you signup for your account we will be in touch asking for the info we need from you in order to build your page. Once we receive your info we will build your page and notify you once it is ready to use.
    2. PROMOTE YOUR SITE in as many ways as possible, both online and offline (we will send you a list of ideas on how you can drive traffic to your site) - OR - have us drive highly targeted traffic to your landing pages and get your site for FREE! You set your budget and we drive the leads. Plus you can still promote your pages however you want!
    3. FOLLOW UP WITH LEADS & WIN THE LISTING: once the home seller leads start coming in, all you have to do is follow up and convert the leads into listings. Watch your database grow and build a steady pipeline of listings.
    4. SCALE & GROW : as you start getting more and more real estate leads and your database is expanding rapidly, scale and automate your system to get even more listings using our apps, add-ons and integrations.
    seller leads responsive
    home seller leads

    Sign Up Today and You Will Receive...

    • A ready to promote landing page that will generate Home Seller Leads on Autopilot
    • A second page that you can use to send to your past customers, your sphere and anyone else in your database
    • Social proof elements designed to build trust with your prospects
    • Instant notification when a lead is generated
    • Hosting included and possible integration with your own Wordpress site
    • Possibility to add apps and scripts to your page
    • One on One coaching and support to help you succeed!
    • The option to have us manage your ads and get the pages for FREE
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    Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for TWO WEEKS!

    Try our landing page TOTALLY FREE for TWO WEEKS. We will build your page and provide one-on-one coaching and support to get started. We are dedicated to your success using our tools and want to EARN your business


    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

    How is the Home Valuation Provided?

    Do you provide leads?

    Is it hard to set up my website?

    Do I need to be in front of a computer to use the chat app?

    Do I get to keep my leads?

    Is there a contract?

    Do you capture phone numbers as well?

    Can I see a Demo?

    Start Growing Your Listing Inventory now!

    Sign up today and you will be filling your listing pipeline in no time.

    home seller leads

    Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 14 DAYS!

    Here's a demo...

    And here are the results...

    Facebook Advertising - 48 HRS - $25 - 22 Leads

    What would 22 new potential customers mean for your business?

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    Facebook Ad Manager Screenshot – Click to Enlarge

    Start Growing Your Listing Inventory now!

    Sign up today and you will be filling your listing pipeline in no time.

    home seller leads

    Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 14 DAYS!

    Professional Ad Management

    Your Landing Pages Included for FREE

      1. ​DEFINE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER together we will find out who your ideal customer is: area - price range - ...
      2. MARKET RESEARCH : next we will research your market to find out where we can find your ideal customer for the best possible ad spend.
      3. CRAFT YOUR CAMPAIGN we will build your landing pages and start copy writing your ads. We will setup targeting and budgeting for the lowest possible cost per conversion.
      4. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT & OPTIMIZATION: real estate is highly competitive! To be successful we need to stay on top of our game, run tests and optimize for best ROI.
      5. REPORTING : you will notice that we're doing well when the leads start flowing in. In addition we can report how your ads are performing and how your ad budget is being spent.

      Start growing your listing pipeline...


      A complete system to get listings.

      Custom Built Landing Pages

      Ready to Promote On-Line & Off-Line

      Instant Notifications

      Hosting Included

      CRM & CloudCMA Ready

      $99 / month

      *$99 setup fee.


      Ad Management INCLUDED

      In Depth Market Research

      Custom Built Landing Pages

      Laser Focused Targeting

      Professional Ad Copy

      Daily Campaign Management

      $299 / month *

      * $99 setup fee / Up to $2,000 ad spend

      * not including the actual ad spend

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